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Brushless Conversion Motor Mounts for T-Maxx and REVO

Designed, Engineered,and Made in the USA

No drilling necessary to install any of our Motor Mounts

Traxxas went to some trouble to make sure you can put any T-Maxx motor on any version of the truck. That is why our Motor Mounts will work on any T-Maxx

We have introduced a Motor Mount for a Brushless Electric Conversion for the Traxxas REVO. it is available now, at the bottom of the page.


Monster Motor mounts are Here

This new Motor mount Designed and Engineered for Monster Motors is for the larger 40mm, 1/8scale motors like the Castle Mamba Monster.

Made of Stainless Steel it can handle High Power Motors.

other 550 size motors will fit also.

Stainless Steel Motor mount- Stainless motor mount

Free shipping -USA Only--$39.95--


New T-Maxx Motor Mount for Traxxas 775 Brushed motor.

775MotorMount-- 775with Motor

Free shipping -USA- only- --$24.95--


The New and improved Side Motor Mount.

The NEW Side Motor Mount gives you a place to mount your Speed Controll-ESC, and all the room from the transmission to the rear shock tower to put batteries.

The Side Mount bolts through 3 holes that were used by the gas tank.

The Side Mount has some limitations. Stock pinion and Spur gears will not mesh properly. The brushless motor will run into the transmission before proper gear mesh can be achived. The solution is to get larger gears, If the stock gears were 16t pinion and a 68t spur gear, you will need a 72t-74t spur gear and an 18t pinion. If you plan on using a 550 motor you will need steel gears to handle the power of that size motor anyway.

40mm motors, 1/8 size will not fit in the side mount!

Side Motor Mount--side motor mount with motor


Free shipping -USA- only-- -$28.95--


The Original Side mount

old side mount- old side with motor

All the Motor Mounts with the exception of the Side Mount above, bolt on through the same 4 holes the Nitro motor did.

Free shipping -USA- only- $24.95--


The Low Motor mount

- -Low mount with motor

Free shipping -USA- only-- $24.95--


The Tall Motor Mount

Put your battery under the motor.

High Motor Mount- -High mount w motor

Free shipping -USA- only- $24.95--


Low Motor Mount w/ESC tray

Low Mount with ESC tray--Low mount with ESC motor

Free shipping -USA- only-- $28.95--


Tall Motor Mount with ESC tray

Room for your battery under the motor!

High motor mount w ESC tray--High mount with ESC tray/motor

Free shipping -USA- only-- $28.95--

REVO Conversion Motor Mount & Battery Tray

including battery straps.

Revo Motor mount----REVO Motor Mount

REVO Battery tray-Battery straps included-REVO Conversion Motor Mount and Battery tray

Free shipping -USA- only-- -$35.95--

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